Jordan Stauder is a visionary, results-driven leader with a proven track record of successfully designing and managing licensed cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensary operations. Jordan has a lifelong history in horticultural settings, having been raised by a Plant Geneticist and a Tissue Culture Specialist in the U.S. annual, perennial and ornamental plant market. He has coupled this bequeathed knowledge with a formal education in Environmental Sustainability to propel the cannabis industry toward a sustainable future through Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), a specific production facility design methodology that encompasses energy-efficient equipment/systems and complementary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the responsible and economical cultivation of cannabis.

Jordan has two years of direct, executive management experience in a cannabis dispensary setting with Green Tree Medicinals and eight years of direct, executive management experience in a cannabis cultivation and manufacturing setting with Rocky Mountain Green Inc. In 2014, he designed and managed the construction of licensed premises that ultimately served as a showcase training facility for Boulder County, Colorado regulatory authorities, including fire departments and local lawmakers. He has developed staffing and comprehensive employee training programs that contributed to high employee retention, a high level of product regularity and perfect company compliance records. Through incorporating an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan that relies heavily on environmental conditions and specific plant training methods into his CEA designs, Jordan has operated cultivation facilities for up to 30 months without detection of a contaminant. He is experienced in a wide variety of cannabis extraction methods, having created an award-winning proprietary concentrate in 2017 (THC Classic 2017). He also introduced one of the first completely recyclable packaging solutions to the Colorado cannabis market in 2016, which utilized fully compliant paper-based packaging for a wide variety of cannabis products. Furthermore, he has operated dispensary, cultivation and extraction facilities for the better part of the last decade without a single violation or infraction from regulatory authorities, including State and Local Marijuana Enforcement, Department of Agriculture, Seed-to-Sale/Chain-of-Custody tracking servicers, occupational safety authorities, and independent authorities such as Certified Industrial Hygienists and energy auditors.

Jordan is an active advocate of the cannabis industry and serves as Chairman of the National Cannabis Industry Association Cannabis Cultivation Committee and Policy Council. He has also served as Chairman of the Boulder County Energy Impact Offset Fund Steering Committee since 2020, directing the use of county funds toward immediately impactful carbon offset projects that have a positive effect on cultivators’ environmental impact. Most importantly, these initiatives have had a positive effect on Boulder County Low-Income Residents in the form of reduced energy costs as a result.

Through Stauderfish LLC, which leads the cannabis industry toward a sustainable future through system/strategy-integrated facility design, energy evaluation and optimization, cannabis business performance auditing and sustainable Standard Operating Procedure development, Jordan has assisted cannabis business owners in over 18 U.S. states and 4 countries around the world to plan, develop, and operate sustainable, profitable cannabis businesses in their respective markets while staying in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Jordan is excited and enthusiastic about working with cannabis businesses to develop standout products and efficient operations, including proven sustainability-focused protocols and work flows for Seed to Sale Chain of Custody Compliance, Crop and Strain Management, Optimizing Watering Schedules and Crop Steering, Environmental Homogenization, Temperature, Humidity, Vapor Pressure Deficit Control, Integrated Pest Management, Biosecurity, Soilless Mixtures & Nutrients, CO² Enrichment, Cloning / Propagation, Genetic Preservation, Topping & Plant Training, Harvesting / Trimming, Product Drying, Curing, Packaging, Extraction (Hydrocarbon, CO², Ethanol, Solventless), Product Finalization and Extract Packaging.

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